24/100 I have been working on several things over the past two weeks, I'll pick up where I left off for the days though

23/100 Took a break from the MERN app while it's in testing and worked a bit on my blog. A bug was reported and got that fixed.

22/100 Most of the pending bugs are now fixed, still missing a couple but i'm doing another round of testing to see how the updated app fares against some real users

21/100 Completed the mailing implementation. A round of bug fixes follows and then beta testing

20/100 Made progress today with the mailing system

19/100 The mailing implementation is done for the most part, still a few things missing but I'll hopefully get to them tomorrow.

18/100 Worked on finishing touches to the reviews implementation and planning for the mailing system

17/100 Completed the comments implementaton, currently debating on whether or not to add additional functionality to the comments

16/100 I finally got the admin screens completed. Just missing a comment and emailing system, I'll start with the comments

15/100 I have been working these past few days on the admin dashboard for the MERN app, about to finish now just missing file uploads.

14/100 Still implementing the tweaks from the alpha testing and worked a bit on the admin ui of the MERN app.

13/100 I worked on the mern app yesterday until late night. I'm still working on the back-end and some things I got feedback on from alpha testers.

12/100 Working on the admin ui of the mern app

11/100 Worked some more on that second bug and got it fixed, that makes the app not work as expected, i'm now refactoring additional parts so that the expected behavior comes back.

10/100 Did some refactoring on the mern app that fixed a rendering bug...and found another bug when I did that. I feel like a true programmer already :p

10/100 Working on the admin screens for the mern app.

Rough couple of week for my 100 day challenge, but i'm still at it.

Worked on non programming things over the weekend, gonna get back to it later today

9/100 Worked on some back end stuff for the mern app i'm working on.

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